13th - 31st December 2012

Princess Aurora has lived a happy childhood in the kingdom of Eylid Falls, where she has been raised by her father King Rain. As the day approaches when Aurora will turn 18, little does she know of the evil curse placed upon her at birth by the wicked fairy Carabosse. Intrigued by a mysterious old spinning wheel she receives as a birthday present, Aurora pricks her finger and falls asleep…

Now it’s up to Nanny Norah the hilarious dame, mixed-up Muddles the Court Jester and Perfect Prince Percy the helpless hero to save the day. As the trio set out to rescue the Princess, join them and a whole host of panto favourites in a laugh-a-minute, all-singing, all-dancing adventure through panto-land. Just don’t mention the dragon…


The Grange Theatre, Northwich


Cast and Production:

King Rain: David Spinx

Prince Percy: Scott Wright

Princess Aurora: Amy Diamond

Muddles: Ryan Greaves

Nurse Nanny Norah: Steve Morewood

The Good Fairy: Tamsin Winstaneley

Carabosse: Brigid Lohrey

Juvenile dancers provided by: Joan Pierpoint School of Dance

Written and Directed: Anton Benson

Choreography: Chloe Bass

Musical Director: Will Joy

Lighting Design: Paul Edwards and Ollie Bamber

Sound Design: Johnny Papworth

Set provided by: Scenery Hire Ltd

Costumes provided by: Northern Costume Hire

Production Manager: Mark Berry

Company Stage Manager: Emily Bagshaw

Assistant Stage Manager: Heather Graham