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14 - 31 December 2011

Fie Fie Foe Fum; I smell the blood of an Englishman...

One day Jack Trot gets out of bed to find his village of Giddy-Oop in peril. Not only are all the towns-folk knee deep in debt trying to pay their taxes, but a giant has just moved in to the castle next door! The time has come for Jack to fulfill the prophecy of the legend... it is time for him to sell his most treasured possession: a cow called Daisy! Except, he's gone and fallen in love with the Princess instead...

Join Jack, Daisy and the Princess - and a whole host of other favourites including the ever-eccentric Dame Trot and the utterly evil Fleshcreep - on this laugh-a-minute, all-singing, all-dancing roller coaster ride through Panto Land.


The Grange Theatre, Northwich


Cast and Production:

King Gallop of Giddy-Oop: Dave Benson Phillips

Jack Trot: Ryan Greaves

Dame Tilly Trot: Steve Moorewood

The Good Fairy: Tamsin Winstanley

Fleshcreep: David Corden

Princess Apricot: Hellen Kelly

With: Be Minor

Juvenile Dancers provided by: Joan Pierpoint School of Dancing

Written and Directed: Anton Benson

Choreographer: Alison Baxendale

Musical Director: Nathan Jarvis

Lighting Design: Paul Edwards and Ollie Bamber

Sound Design: Mark Berry

Set provided by: Prosceneium

Costumes: Albemarle

Production Manager: Mark Berry

Company Stage Manager: Kate Green

Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Bagshaw

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