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1st - 23rd Aug 2014

Anton Benson Productions are proud to present the WORLD PREMIER staging of Jaymay’s debut album, Autumn Fallin’.

Jamie is 27. She writes songs and performs them. She reads poetry and intelligent literature. She admires art and understands it. She listens to records by Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. She is an artist, a busker and a painter. She lives in the basement of a tenement block in Brooklyn. And she has just fallen in love…

A pencil crayon cityscape and the hum aloud melodies of Jaymay’s song-cycle provide snapshots of Jamie’s whirlwind romance; seven months of her life that she will never forget.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Greenside at Nicolson Square


Cast and Production:

Ensemble: Jamie Crockhart, Rosie Houlton

Jessamy James, Arthur Thomas

Ben Alborough, Heather Graham

Music & Lyrics: Jaymay

Director: Anton Benson

Musical arrangements and Direction by: Matt Pallant

Musical Staging: Amy Marsh

Set concept designed by: Daniel Lehrer

Lighting Design: Anton Benson & Pete Wallace

Sound Design: Pete Wallace

Production Manager: Pete Wallace

Stage Management: Heather Graham & Jennifer Sykes

Autumn Fallin'
Autumn Fallin'
Autumn Fallin'
Autumn Fallin'
Autumn Fallin'
Autumn Fallin'
Autumn Fallin'
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